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Nielsen’s Annual Marketing Report uncovers only 26% of global marketers are confident in their audience data

The report illustrates how marketers need confidence in their data to focus equally on brand building and customer acquisition, doing so through both upper-funnel and lower-funnel planning and execution.

Sports Research

Prioritize and optimize your investments with customized sports research solutions mapped to your unique challenges from sponsorship strategy to brand impact.

Fan Insights

Drive fan growth and connection by understanding fan interests, media behavior, brand attitudes, and purchasing habits.

Brand Impact

Maximize your brand impact by measuring, understanding and shaping audience perceptions with Nielsen Brand Impact.

Streaming Video Data

Give entertainment providers the power to let audiences seamlessly discover and access the programs they love – regardless of where they are streaming.

Smart Radio Solutions

Reimagine the in-car radio experience, transforming how drivers browse and discover radio stations and music across platforms.

Music Recognition

Give fans the power to identify music with millions of audio fingerprints that enable them to discover new artists and enjoy their favorite songs.

Music Discovery

Curate sticky playlists with a range of artists and styles to help fans discover more of the music they love using the perfect blend of data and algorithms.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Discover what's driving sales and determine your optimal marketing mix model with a holistic understanding of the factors that affect demand for your product.

Global Video Data

Empower audiences to find and enjoy their favorite content with the definitive collection of worldwide sports, music, TV, movie and on-demand data.