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Nielsen continues Asia Pacific investment as Arnaud Frade joins in senior commercial growth role

Arnaud Frade joins the Nielsen Asia Pacific (APAC) team as SVP and Head of Commercial Growth.

Nielsen Brand Sustainability Report: An Independent Report That Gauges How Australians Perceive A Brand’s Sustainability Strategy

Nielsen will soon release its independent Brand Sustainability Report that will provide brands and advertisers with key insights on how their brand’s sustainability efforts are resonating with consumers.

Nielsen’s Annual Marketing Report uncovers only 26% of global marketers are confident in their audience data

The report illustrates how marketers need confidence in their data to focus equally on brand building and customer acquisition, doing so through both upper-funnel and lower-funnel planning and execution.

Sports Research

Prioritize and optimize your investments with customized sports research solutions mapped to your unique challenges from sponsorship strategy to brand impact.

Nielsen enhances Identity System for Digital Ad Ratings in Australia

Demographic data from multiple data providers will power up the Nielsen Identity System to bring scale and increased accuracy for digital measurement of the open web

Video Game Tracker

Monitor the mindshare of gamers with exclusive consumer insights for games software to help you better understand gamer preferences.

Nielsen and The Trade Desk unveil new strategic data measurement partnership for the open internet in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada

Nielsen and The Trade Desk today announced a strategic partnership to power identity resolution for open web measurement in key international markets around the world.

Sponsorship Media Valuation

Optimize sports sponsorships by measuring the total value of brand exposures across channels. Know what’s working, what’s not, and when to adjust.

Esports Market Analytics

Increase sponsorship value and develop fan bases with Esports market data across sponsorship performance, fan insights, and social analytics.

Fan Insights

Drive fan growth and connection by understanding fan interests, media behavior, brand attitudes, and purchasing habits.