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Sports Research

Prioritize and optimize your investments with customized sports research solutions mapped to your unique challenges from sponsorship strategy to brand impact.

Video Game Tracker

Monitor the mindshare of gamers with exclusive consumer insights for games software to help you better understand gamer preferences.

Nielsen e The Trade Desk annunciano una nuova collaborazione strategica per la misurazione dei dati per l’Open Internet in Europa, Asia, Messico e Canada

Nielsen e The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) annunciano oggi una collaborazione strategica al fine di alimentare la risoluzione delle identità per la misurazione open internet nei principali mercati internazionali.

Sponsorship Media Valuation

Optimize sports sponsorships by measuring the total value of brand exposures across channels. Know what’s working, what’s not, and when to adjust.

Esports Market Analytics

Increase sponsorship value and develop fan bases with Esports market data across sponsorship performance, fan insights, and social analytics.

Fan Insights

Drive fan growth and connection by understanding fan interests, media behavior, brand attitudes, and purchasing habits.

Ad Intel

Set your brand apart from the competition with advertising intelligence across channels and platforms, including TV, print, digital, out-of-home, and cinema.

Brand Impact

Maximize your brand impact by measuring, understanding and shaping audience perceptions with Nielsen Brand Impact.

Total Ad Ratings

Increase advertising reach by understanding who, when, and how often audiences are engaged with your ads across TV and digital platforms.

Streaming Video Data

Give entertainment providers the power to let audiences seamlessly discover and access the programs they love – regardless of where they are streaming.