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Nielsen Pledges to Improve the Employability of Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nielsen has joined forces with an array of other organizations to support the Regional Alliance for Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa, a Nestlé initiative that focuses on creating and implementing employability programmes, mentorships andtraining initiatives designed to equip young people under 30 with essential workplace skills.

Using Nielsen’s data science acumen to help young people succeed at work

Ahead of the World Economic Forum, we conducted a survey to better understand the challenges for young people joining the workforce. Pat Dodd, Chief Commercial Officer, Nielsen Global Connect, shares the results, as well as his advice for today’s youth.

Nielsen Joins Alliance 4 YOUth’s Pacific Pact

The Alliance 4 Youth, a business-driven initiative to promote youth employment, recently expanded to Latin America. And as a steadfast partner with the organization, Nielsen was on hand at the Pacific Pact launch event, along with 36 national and local partner companies.

Nielsen and Alliance 4 YOUth Partner to Boost Youth Employability in the Middle East

With a strong foothold in Europe, the Alliance 4 YOUth, which Nielsen is a global partner in, recently launched with great success in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan (MENAP), significantly broadening the organization’s reach and impact.

Nielsen’s Commitment to Youth Employability Takes Centre Stage at Alliance 4 Youth Event

As a global member of Alliance 4 YOUth, Nielsen partners with Nestlé and other members to help reduce unemployment in Europe. As an active member of the consortium, Nielsen contributes pro bono studies to the Alliance, creates digital media space, including content on the Alliance’s Facebook...