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Nielsen is a Double Category Winner in the 2021 Adweek Readers’ Choice Best in Tech Partner Awards

After several months and three rounds of voting by Adweek readers, Nielsen was recognized three times in the 2021 Adweek Reader’s Choice Best in Tech Partner Awards.

Wharton Markets in Motion: Marketing in the Midst of a Pandemic

Jamie Moldafsky, Nielsen’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, recently engaged in conversation with professors David Reibstein and Raghu Iyengar of The Wharton School, where she serves as Chairperson of the Customer Analytics Advisory Board.

The Case for Growth Through Transparency: A Way Forward for Digital Advertising

As major technology players phase out third-party cookie tracking, digital marketers are facing a new reality. Without an independent view, market confidence in digital advertising could see significant erosion. We are embarking on three key initiatives to ensure Nielsen measurement continues to bring transparency to digital advertising.

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview: What 2020 has In-Store for Marketing Technology

Chief Product, Technology, & Operations Officer of Nielsen Global Media, Karthik Rao, took the stage at last week’s AdExchanger’s Industry Preview in New York to share how Nielsen is innovating to better serve the evolving media industry.

Nielsen at Natpe 2020: How Nielsen’s Cross-platform Measurement Fuels Impressions-based Selling

During the 2020 National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) Conference in Miami, Nielsen hosted a panel discussion moderated by Catherine Herkovic, EVP and Managing Director, Local Television, called “How Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Measurement Fuels Impressions-Based Selling.

Nielsen Reveals Latinx Engagement Opportunities at CES 2019

At CES 2019, Nielsen’s Stacie de Armas, VP, Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement, led the “Authenticity + Tech: Winning Latinx Engagement session,” which explored how companies can successfully reach the U.S. Hispanic community—digitally connected consumers who are driving growth for a variety of industries. She was joined Javier Delgado, Senior Director of Marketing for Walmart, and Roberto Ruiz, EVP of Research, Insights and Strategy for Univision.

Singapore’s Consumers Are Ready for Omnichannel Marketing

Visual IQ’s October events, “What’s Next in Digital” and the “Digital Marketing Asia 2018 Summit,” brought together more than 260 clients from banks, agency networks, consumer electronics, government, insurance, airlines, telcom, platform partners and retailers in Singapore to learn how to be more effective marketers.

Nielsen Engages NYC Latinx Influencers for a Night Dedicated to the Online Lives of U.S. Hispanic Consumers

One week before launching our 2018 Latinx Diverse Intelligence Series consumer report, Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers, we brought together New York City’s leading U.S. Hispanic media organizations and influencers for a first look at Latinx consumer trends.

Nielsen Hosts Congressional and Regulatory Leaders for ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ Roundtable Discussion

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai and Congressman Gus Bilirakis (R-FL), recently visited Nielsen’s Global Technology & Innovation Center (GTIC) in Oldsmar, Fla. as part of a larger tour aiming to help bridge the digital divide.

Hulu and Youtube TV Viewing Are Now Included in TV Ratings

We are excited to announce that viewing from Hulu and Youtube TV will now be measured and reported through Digital in TV Ratings (DTVR), contributing to C3/C7 currency.