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Advertising Week 2019: Truth and Representation Matter in Media

Last week, Nielsen executives took center-stage during Advertising Week to share their perspectives throughout various sessions on the power of data and information, the future of TV, the importance of taking a stand for what’s right and Nielsen’s role in serving as the source of truth for the media industry.

Nielsen Leaders Share What’s Coming Next for Advertising—from Cannes Lions

During this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Nielsen executives were vocal throughout the week on where they think the advertising industry is heading, with key themes emerging around the expanding definition of TV, making addressable TV possible and the power of big data.

Understanding Metrics to Monetize with Megan Clarken

In this video, Megan Clarken, President of the Watch division at Nielsen discusses the journey to delivering Metrics to Monetize™ to the marketplace and highlights the flexibility and breadth of our data and solutions across the media industry.

Trust, Protection and Transparency Are Key Elements to the Future Media Business

The digital revolution has brought about a world where an abundance of data and information is just a click away. The data created from those clicks and views bring benefits but also come with the responsibilities of building trust, providing protection and fostering transparency for data. Alongside other major industry power players, Nielsen thought leaders recently facilitated a discussion on these hot-button topics at Advertising Week New York 2018.

How Bravery and Teamwork Across Media Will Usher In a New Age of Advertising

The media industry accounts for more than $100 billion in advertising dollars each year and has the power to shape our views in ways that last way beyond the initial experience. Megan Clarken, President, Watch, Nielsen, believes challenging cross-industry pivots into accountability and collaboration will be crucial for future success.

Nielsen Watch President Megan Clarken Addresses Convergence and Collaboration at ARF AUDIENCExSCIENCE

In front of an audience of TV veterans and digital newcomers, Megan Clarken, President of our Watch business, spoke about the convergence of industries at the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF's) recent hosted audience measurement conference, AUDIENCExSCIENCE.

Confronting What’s Next at Consumer 360 2018

This year, our Consumer 360 conference explored how the media industry can identify the opportunities created from the challenges by confronting what’s next together.

Innovation, Efficiency and the Future of Advertising

Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns took the stage at this year’s Advertising Week - New York to make the case that we should think about innovation as being bigger than just the development of new products that drive growth.

Nielsen Sponsors Advertising Week 2017

This year, Nielsen is an official sponsor of Advertising Week - New York. CEO Mitch Barns and several other Nielsen experts will be taking the stage as part of our overall presence at this key industry event.

Nielsen Digital Content Ratings Set To Include Facebook, Hulu and YouTube Viewing

Digital Content Ratings provides daily measurement of audiences across digital content types, with metrics fully comparable to television. Partnering with Facebook, Hulu and YouTube to provide our clients with credit within Digital Content Ratings for the video viewership of their content published on these platforms is a huge milestone for Nielsen and a big opportunity for our clients.