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The Case for Growth Through Transparency: A Way Forward for Digital Advertising

As major technology players phase out third-party cookie tracking, digital marketers are facing a new reality. Without an independent view, market confidence in digital advertising could see significant erosion. We are embarking on three key initiatives to ensure Nielsen measurement continues to bring transparency to digital advertising.

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview: What 2020 has In-Store for Marketing Technology

Chief Product, Technology, & Operations Officer of Nielsen Global Media, Karthik Rao, took the stage at last week’s AdExchanger’s Industry Preview in New York to share how Nielsen is innovating to better serve the evolving media industry.

Industry Leaders Take on ‘The Future of Identity’ at the Nielsen Tech Hub

Can marketers raise the quality of personalized experiences without access to an underlying identity layer? To answer that question, we recently teamed up with venture capital firm Revel Partners to host ‘The Future of Identity’ at the Nielsen Tech Hub.