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Measure the impact of your top-of-funnel brand campaigns

In order for marketers to understand the impact of their campaigns in a fragmented media landscape, they need actionable intelligence to assess the efficiency of each customer touchpoint.

Nielsen Total Media Resonance enables marketers to optimize their media budgets against the key performance indicators aligned to their objectives; from brand awareness to brand loyalty. By measuring, analyzing, and optimizing media across channels and platforms, our solution provides insights into when a campaign is most and least impactful for consumers.

Total Media Resonance pairs advanced modeling techniques with reach and frequency data to deliver accurate and unbiased results across traditional and digital platforms, including; TV, online, social media, sponsorships, in-store, out-of-home advertising, and more.



Quantify the effectiveness of your cross-channel brand campaigns

Leading coverage

Comprehensive coverage

Determine the most effective strategy with comparable cross-channel measurement across platforms.

Actionable intelligence

Optimized media mix

Identify the point at which channel spending becomes less effective to uncover the most efficient media mix.

Powerful simulation

Powerful simulation

Simulate how well different media allocations work together to drive audience perceptions and preferences.

Understand brand lift

Understand brand lift

Control variables like competitor spending and brand familiarity to understand your media’s brand lift.

Use cases

Brand measurement for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad platforms

Brand lift studies for advertisers and agencies

Media buyers

Understand the exact spend level that each media channel was most effective in driving each of your brand objectives.

Answer critical questions like:

• How can I measure the impact of my brand campaigns?
• How can I optimize the effectiveness of my media budget?
• How can I test different campaign planning scenarios?

Brand lift studies for publishers and platforms

Media sellers

Quantify your platform’s impact on driving your client’s brand goals to stand out from the competition.

Answer critical questions like:

• How can I prove my platform’s value over other publishers?
• How can I optimize the performance of my client’s content?
• How can I prove ROI in terms of brand KPIs to my clients?


Unparalleled coverage for all of your brand measurement needs

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