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Black man looks at diverse representation in TV and movies

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Being seen on screen 2021

When it comes to diversity on TV, the quantity and quality of representation is important.

Total TV viewing in the US in November


The Gauge: Consumers give thanks for more viewing time in November

Amid the many dynamics affecting TV use, few have the same effect as time off.


Connected devices are the industry’s great amplifier of content

When aggregating TV use, the shift to TV-connected devices over 10 years is significant.

Group of employees in an office


Navigate the top challenges facing CPG and retail advertisers in 2022

Despite unprecedented challenges, brands can make strides in the coming year.

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COVID-19: Tracking the impact

The pandemic continues to shape the global economy, and we expect to feel its ripple effects for many years to come.

Flight attendants wear masks on a plane


Closing the gap for South Asian representation on screen

News and reality are the most inclusive genres for South Asians in the U.S.


Advertiser playbook

Brands must have a holistic understanding of the media landscape and consumer behavior.