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Multi-Touch Attribution


Understand how media is driving a return for your business.

Your campaign’s success largely depends on knowing what to change, when and by how much—without wasting your time or blowing your budget. What if you could optimize your efforts, reduce wasted spend and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities across channels, devices, creatives, audiences and more, while they were still in-flight? With Nielsen Marketing Attribution, you can.

Our marketing attribution solution collects and connects person-level exposure and performance data. Attribution uncovers the impact of every touchpoint on metrics that matter most- from brand engagement to conversions. Delivered via a web-based interface at the most granular level, up daily, to facilitate in-flight optimization.



Monitor, measure and optimize your marketing at granular levels.

Person-level precision

Get the most accurate measure of each investment’s value based on person-level marketing attribution.

Maximum granularity

Adjust campaigns individually with attribution modeling at the level you make your investment decisions.

Real-time insights

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities and make decisions while they’re in-flight.

Automated spend optimization

Send attributed insights automatically to your agency, demand-side platform or bid management platform.

Use cases

Eliminate the guesswork of your marketing impact.

Advertisers and agencies

React to a rapidly changing environment, address competitive activity and seize opportunities based on what’s happening today versus last week or last month.

Multi-Touch Attribution helps advertisers answer critical questions like:

● How effective is my campaign at delivering against my marketing objective(s)?
● What audiences and targeting strategies drive the greatest impact for my brand?
● How can I optimize my marketing budget across media partners, channels and strategies?
● What is the ROI of my channel partners?

Publishers and platforms

Provide greater transparency and accuracy to advertisers and agencies about your inventory than previously available with in-house measurement solutions.

Multi-Touch Attribution helps publishers answer critical questions like:

● What media tactics/recommendations can I provide to my advertising partners for my platform?
● How is my performance trending relative to other media partners in the same category?
● How can I optimize in real time to improve transparency?
● How can I improve my platform’s ROI to drive future business opportunities?


Unparalleled coverage for all of your marketing optimization needs.

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